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Corner weighed the Showcar today.

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  • Corner weighed the Showcar today.

    With driver:
    835 786
    690 620
    Total: 2931
    50.3% cross
    55.3/44.7% front/rear
    52.0/48.0% left/right

    Without driver:
    748 770
    603 581
    Total: 2702
    50.8% cross
    56.2/43.8% front/rear
    50.0/50.0% left/right
    Cory B.

    "Driving a race car as fast as possible is all about maintaining the highest possible acceleration level in the appropriate direction."

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    Stupid Q, but why bother cornerweighting a show car? Or is it also a track car?
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      Is there a reason you didn't shoot for closer to 50/50 left/right with you in the car? Seems like the cross weights got slightly better at the expense of the left/right dist.
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        to fix LH/RH balance you have to move weight, add balast basically, you cant adjust suspension to get better L to R balance.

        With 240's there is too much weight on the LH side (turbo. exhaust, maifold, IC stuff, driver) to get better L to R with an SR or a KA. NA KA would be slightly better, maybe 51/49 split. cross weights is really the only thing you can seriously adjust.

        Cory you have massive Front biased, what engine do you have?

        wiht my current setup im 51/49 front to rear.
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          KA... I am considering moving the driver's position back with a Tilton pedal assembly and steering wheel extension. The only problem I see thus far is shifter position, because as it is, I have my right arm fully extended when I shift to third and fifth. The Z32 transmission positions the shifter back a little IIRC, and I could make mounts to sit the engine back further as well. That is a lot of work by that time though.

          I already have the front bumper support out and my battery in the rear. I also weighed with an eight of a tank of fuel. I forgot to fill up before I weighed. I ended up adding about 11 gallons of fuel, so there is roughly 90lbs more in the rear of the car. I think that brings it down to about 53% front biased.
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          Cory B.

          "Driving a race car as fast as possible is all about maintaining the highest possible acceleration level in the appropriate direction."


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            that 53/47 sounds better. Those mods will change your F/R a little bit but not much, your position is still in between the front and rear wheels, so it wont bring you that much closer to 50/50 split. Mods forward of the front wheels and aft of the rear wheels will make the biggest differences. And the F/R isnt what you should be focusing on in the big picture.

            Get your cross weights 50/50 and a better LH to RH split and then the car will perform better on track. The LH to RH improvement will most likely be you adding ballast weight to the RH side, or just always take a passenger out on track with you, sure its a good bit of weight, but that additional 180lbs will balance teh car out. Mine is 52/48 LH to RH and when i have a passenger its 50/50ish depending on size of person, so any passenger is a good passenger.
            NASA HPDE Instructor