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Front ball joint. Is my setup okay?

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  • Front ball joint. Is my setup okay?

    I'm using s14 front control arms with S13 ball joint pressed in. The S13 ball joints are Moog part number K9509.

    The front knuckle is an s13 knuckle. I had it cleaned up. Unless the shop sent me back s14 knuckles by accident (highly unlikely), these are the knuckles that have always been on the car.

    Here is how they look seated:

    Here is another angle:

    I took some measurements. The thickest part of the taper seems to be around 17mm and it tapers to 15 mm near the beginning of the threads. Both my MOOG and OEM balljoints showed the same sizes in diameter.

    The hole in the upright seems to be 16 mm at the bottom. It should be noted that my dial calipers are old and cost only $6. Their accuracy is up for debate.

    I verified that I got the proper ball joints by looking through old pictures of the box.
    Is this result normal?
    If it's not normal, is it okay like this?

    The only quick solution I can think of is to take the uprights off, and take it to the machine shop and have them machined for clearance. It seems pretty pointless to do that since it look like these are all the correct pieces.

    Could this difference be because they MOOG pieces and not OEM Nissan?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The actual diameter measurements arent that critical, its the taper angle.

    As in some of the larger diameter might actually hang below the 16mm you measured.

    My S13 joints measure
    Taper low diameter 15.8mm
    Taper High diameter 18mm
    Taper length 19.5mm 20mm
    Diameter where it presses in 41mm


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      So. I stuck with the "simplest solution is often the correct solution" mentality.

      I spoke with Brian @ MA Motorsports, and he thought it should be fine as is. He suggested the rubber may just be pressed down a bit. I thought of that as well, but had no way of testing it. He suggest I have someone with an s13 measure the distance between the bottom of the upright, and the top of the control arm. To see how far up the knuckle sits from the base of the control arm. I called up Andy (2fass240us) and he did a quick measurement. He stated 1.2". I took a quick measurement and came out to 1.2" as well. Looks like the rubber was just squished down. I squeezed it up, ready to go.

      I got fluid in the tranny too, by removing the B&M shift lever. Now I just some how have to compressed the spring enough to bolt it back together.

      Slowly but surely. Getting there.